Power Assemblies and Controllers


Selenium Transient Suppressors

GD Rectifiers can supply custom designed selenium transient suppressors for most applications. We can also supply replacements for most old Westcode, International Rectifier and Semikron designs from the data sheets for these parts that we have in our records. For any designs that are not in our records we can take the original part, working or not and replicate it.

One of the advantages of selenium is that it is one of the first modular building systems.   The voltage rating is variable, depending on the number of series connected plates in the assembly and the power absorption is variable, depending on the size of the plates and the number connected in parallel.

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Selenium Rectifiers

Selenium rectifiers have been superseded in most applications by silicon devices, because of silicon’s higher current and temperature ratings. However there is still a place for selenium in low voltage rectifiers where their combination of forward over current toughness and reverse transient voltage capability may be useful.

As well as new rectifiers GD Rectifiers has design or build data for old Westcode, International Rectifier, STC, Semikron and Automat selenium rectifier designs which enables us to provide replacements for most types. If we do not have data on the old rectifier then we can take a sample, working or not and replicate it.

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GD Rectifiers Ltd

GD Rectifiers designs and manufactures Selenium and Silicon rectifiers, suppressors, converters, inverters, and regulator products for Industrial power control applications.

They hold an extensive stock of Diodes, Thyristors, IGBTs and Mosfets from the worlds leading semiconductor manufacturers.

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