Power Assemblies and Controllers


GD Rectifiers Stock a wide range of Busbar Insulators that we use in our assemblies. We also use these products to mount power fuses and heatsinks that require high mechanical strength, low tracking index, and voltage insulation. Hexagonal sections allow easy mechanical assembly, and can be joined together to create longer lengths.

New Range of Busbar supports & Fuse mounts

Hexagonal DMC Insulators with encapsulated M6-M8-M10 inserts. Optional male studs also available. Material is red glass fibre reinforced polyester DMC, which is shatterproof, 160C Working, High Arc Resistance, UL94-Vo, Reduced Flamability.

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GD Rectifiers Ltd

GD Rectifiers designs and manufactures Selenium and Silicon rectifiers, suppressors, converters, inverters, and regulator products for Industrial power control applications.

They hold an extensive stock of Diodes, Thyristors, IGBTs and Mosfets from the worlds leading semiconductor manufacturers.

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