Power Assemblies and Controllers

EMC/RFI Filters

GD Rectifiers has a full EMI and RFI filter selection from Eichhoff Elektro (Enerdoor Group), which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

They design an extensive range of the following: Ignition System, Custom Filter, Single Phase RFI Filter Models, Three Phase RFI Filter Modules, Three Phase Plus Neutral, Parallel Filter, DC Filter, Motor Protection, Passive Harmonic Filter, Activie Harmonic Filter, MRI Filter - Military Filter, Voltage Stabliizer and Surge Arrester/Surge Protection 

Typical Applications

Used in data lines, secondary power supply lines for digital audio/video, computer motherboards, USB hubs, printers, hard disk drives, CD/DVD ROMs, AC adapters and electronic musical instruments.

For more information on EMI or RF filters, view our datasheet or alternatively call our friendly sales team today on: 01444 243 452.