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Cooper Bussmann Fuses

GD Rectifiers works closely with Cooper Bussmann to stock and support a wide range of semiconductor fuses.

British Style BS88 Fuses

The BS88 are a high speed range of fuses that have an excellent cycling capability, DC performance as well as having low arc voltage and low energy let-through (I2t). The range for the 240V fuses are 9 – 900A and the 690V are 6 – 710A.

BS88 – 240V data sheets
BS88 – 690V data sheets

Square Body Fuses

Square body style fuses are used for high power applications which require compact design with high performance. Common ratings are 690V, 1000V and 1250V. The ranges for the 690V fuses are 40 - 2000A, 1000V are 50 - 1400A and for 1250V fuses it is 50-1400A. They come with a number of terminal options.

Square body – 690V data sheet
Square body – 1000V data sheet
Square body – 1250V data sheet

Cooper Bussmann’s complete range

In addition to high speed semiconductor fuses, GD Rectifiers can support and supply the complete range of Bussmann fuses.

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Cooper Bussmann

Cooper Bussmann are a division of Cooper industries and are a leading Manufacuture of Circuit protection solutions. The product range includes fuses that conform to various industrial standards such as BS, IEC, DIN and many others. They manufacture suitble fuse holders allowing for easy access to replace blown fuses. They also supply suitbale micoswitches and trip indicators for their range.

Further information:

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