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IXYS Corporation is a global supplier of power management semiconductors with a comprehensive range of Power MOSFETs, fast switching IGBTs, Fast Recovery Diodes (FREDs), SCR and Diode Modules, Rectifier Bridges and Power Interface ICs. IXYS is the world’s leading power semiconductor manufacturer; products provide improved efficiency and reduced energy costs in a wide range of power system applications.

GD Rectifiers is IXYS’ official UK distributor, stocking a wide range of IXYS components, heatsinks and hardware. GD Rectifiers is the largest online stockiest for IXYS IGBTs, Diodes, Thyristors and MOSFETs. Offering components at the best prices with unrivalled fast delivery, GD Rectifiers is the UK’s No1. IXYS distributor.

GD Rectifiers offer design and technical support on all IXYS products.

For a quote or technical assistance, please call the office on 01444 243452 or email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Power Semiconductors  

IXYS' power MOS product lines include power metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs), insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) and BIMOSFETs.  IXYS' power MOSFETs are used in large power conversion systems and applications from 60 to 4,000 volts. Its IGBTs are used in alternating current motor drives, power systems and defibrillators. Bipolar products include rectifiers, thyristors and GTOs.


RF Power & Systems  

Through its subsidiaries, Microwave Technology, Inc. and IXYS Colorado, IXYS manufactures radio frequency (RF) and microwave discrete semiconductors, GaA Schottky diodes, MOSFET Driver ICs, wireless, microwave and MMIC amplifiers and hybrid modules.  Products are found in industrial RF applications, medical applications, military/ aerospace and telecommunications.

GD Rectifiers is the official IXYS RF Distributor for the UK & Europe. Please see below the RF product list:

RM Amplifiers

- MMIC Amplifiers

- WiMAX Amplifiers

- Standard, Military & Hi-Rel Amps

- Wireless Amplifiers

- HBT Amplifiers

- WiMAX Gan Based RF Power Amplifiers



- GaAS FETs / pHEMTs / HFETs

- Switch Mode MOSFETs

- HF / VHF Linear MOSFETs


Hybrid Modules 

- Standard Gain Block Modules

- Standard Voltage Regulator Modules


RF Drivers 

- MOSFET Driver ICs

- Laser Diode Driver ICs


Gunn Diodes

- Gunn Diodes

Green Energy  

Wind Energy: IXYS supplies phase control devices, Wespack, for use in thyristor AC regulators to connect wind generator output to the electrical grid.  IXYS’ Press Pack IGBTs are utilized as the mast head converter/ inverter or the ground based synchronization element.

Solar Energy: IXYS’ solar products include diodes, solar cell arrays/cards for charging batteries in portable electronics, solar bit evaluation boards, Schottky rectifiers for solar cell generation systems and portable solar battery chargers.


IXYS Solar Range


-        Surface mountable solar bits

-        Reflow solderable

-        Epoxy coated encapsulation

-        Form factor: 22mm x 7mm x 1.6mm




-        Manually solderable mini solar modules

-        Film laminated encapsulation

-        Customised voltage/current ratings

-        Various module sizes


3) IXYS Solar Products

-        A range of demonstrator products

-        Range includes: AA/AAA battery chargers, SLUC-D1 solar bank +LED pointer, SLPD  


         power back and LED torch

-        Various demonstrator POB’s are available

IXYS Solar Products

For further information on all IXYS products email us: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or alternatively call our sales team for a quote today on: 01444 243 452.


IXYS are a world leading manufacturer of power semiconductors. Their range of products includes IGBTs, MOSFETs, Thyristors & Diodes.

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