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Solar Power

Solar Power

GD Rectifiers stock IXYS' solar products which include: diodes, solar cell arrays/cards for charging batteries in portable electronics, solar bit evaluation boards, Schottky rectifiers for solar cell generation systems and portable solar battery chargers. Through solar power technology GD Rectifiers and IXYS are promoting widespread usage of renewable sources of energy. Installing a solar power system in your residence or commercial facility is something you can do to save on energy costs whilst helping protect the planet. The IXYS' IXOLAR Solar Technology Product range caters to all of your solar power needs.

IXYS Solar Technology

Solar panels develop electricity in DC voltage which is different than the electrical utility grid network (AC energy). Inverters serve as the gateway between renewable energy resources and the AC electrical grid (specific voltage/frequency). IXYS supplies power semiconductor chips to the inverter - ensuring that DC-AC voltage conversion is controlled without power surges or outages. IXYS has one of the only chips able to control and regulate high voltages. 

IXYS also provides solar cells for applications where the cost of electricity is highest - the battery. The solar cell handles direct charging of and providing electricity for portable batteries in myriad applications, ranging from traditional alkaline battery recharging to battery charging for laptops and cell phones to RFID tagging, wireless sensors, test equipment and smoke detectors.


IXYS Solar Range 


-        Surface mountable solar bits

-        Reflow solderable

-        Epoxy coated encapsulation

-        Form factor: 22mm x 7mm x 1.6mm



-        Manually solderable mini solar modules

-        Film laminated encapsulation

-        Customised voltage/current ratings

-        Various module sizes



3) IXYS Solar Products

-        A range of demonstrator products

-        Range includes: AA/AAA battery chargers, SLUC-D1 solar bank +LED pointer, SLPD  


         power back and LED torch

-        Various demonstrator POB’s are available

IXYS Solar Products

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