Power Assemblies and Controllers


AC, DC and Snubber Capacitors

Typical Applications
Used in Transportation, Marine, Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Medical, Renewable Energy, Power Distribution sectors and other industrial applications.

Static/Non-static Drives (Propulsion, Traction, Elevators, Escalators, Conveyors, Cable Cars).
Power Electronics (Welding, Furnaces, Induction Heating, Lasers, Scanners, Detectors, DC-Link).
Power Transmission (Conditioning, Detuned, FACTS, STATCOM, SVC, HVDC).
Passenger/Freight Rail (Auxiliary Circuits: Lighting, Heating, Ventilation, Communication).
Electric/ Hybrid Vehicles (KERS).
Filters (Smoothing, Suppression, Harmonic, Electrolytic Replacement).
Converters (Inverters, Rectifiers, Choppers, Cycloconverters).

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Ultra Low Temperature Electrolytic Capacitors

Typical Applications

Used in Aerospace, Compressed Gas Handling, Environment Testing, Hazardous Environment, Petrochemical, Refrigeration Systems, Research and other industrial applications.

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Energy Storage Capacitors

Typical Applications
Used in Military, Medical and Industrial applications.

Oceanography (Subsea Surveys, Sparkers, Boomers).
Power Electronics (Welding, Forming, Magnetisers, Demagnetisers, PFN’s).
Research (Particle Accelerators ‘LHC, ISIS’, Lasers).
Testing (Lightning Simulation, High Voltage Capacitor Banks).
Defence (Range Finders, Railguns, Radar, Missile Systems, EMP).
Food Industry (UV Sterilisation).

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Track Circuit Capacitors

API Capacitors offer a range of low frequency AC adjustable track circuit feed/relay end capacitors and high frequency DC fixed capacitors for jointless track circuits used in track-side signalling equipment.

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API Capacitors

API Capacitors is the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of high quality power capacitors for power electronic applications.
Their extensive product range of filter, snubber and energy storage capacitors services the markets of traction, industrial drives, power conditioning and avionics, together with discharge capacitors for medical, plasma and pulsed power applications.
The strength of the company lies in working alongside its customers, tailoring the product correctly to its specific application so it performs exactly as required with total reliability.

Further information:

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